My name is Tomáš Virgl and I am a developer;

startup enthusiast, amateur philosopher

and student @imperialcollege


I am just a student, who is eager to learn new things and is very interested in technology and entrepreneurship.

I love to spend my time with inspirative people, that like to create new things and innovate this world.

Please, contact me if you are interested in any sort of cooperation. If I consider your idea worthwhile, I am even willing to work 24/7 for free (especially if open source is included).


Knowledge is the adornment and protection of the Empire

I currently study Computing at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London.

This is placeholder for some school projects.


I am mostly Python developer with experience in Django, Twisted, etc. Currently, I am learning JavaScript, but since I am more of back-end guy I prefer Node.js and Gjs. I really admire Ruby and Rails, but I never had any chance to learn it seriously.

I mostly use and occasionally , but I am intending to buy . And Yes (We can!), I use Sublime Text 2.